Resources Page

Can you offer a course?

If you feel you know enough about a survival type of course, email us and let us know.
We will want to know how many students you need to fill out a course, times you will offer it, location of the course, your qualifications, fee, and any required prior knowledge on the student's side.

Can you offer any equipment or locations?

Maybe you can not instruct a class, but you have resources other instructors can use?
Just drop us a line and we will see how we can work together.

Hunting/Fishing Trips

Can you offer a hunting or fishing trip? We are always on the look out for providers of hunting and fishing trips for our clients. Email us know what kind of package you can put together, dates and costs. We have encountered a few scam artists offerring packages and promises they could not keep. So, we will ask you to prove you can deliver what you promise. Our clients expect it of us.