Frequently Asked Questions Page:

Morning classes are from 8am to about 11am. Afternoon classes are from 1pm to 4pm.

Do not bring alcohol or illegal drugs. We reserve the right to turn you away if any Safety Officer has any concerns about you being intoxicated.

Bring your own non-alcohol refreshments. Ice cold refreshments are offerred for purchase,
or bring your own.

Get on our Special Mailing list. We offer preparation classes for turkey, rabbit, goose,
quail, goat, pig, etc. from time to time. If the class is underlined, then it is offerred.

We do offer other survival classes in conjuction with third-party providers. Past class
topics were: How to use a dutch oven, making soap, curing animal hides for clothes, canning, jerky, compass navigation, emergency shelter building, cabin building, and
evading pursuit and dangerous situations. Also, more advanced courses are available
for defense and offense.

Why should you have to pay for these classes when you can watch youtube videos for
free? Few of those youtube videos are done well. Most are dangerous and not well
thought out. You can not ask real time questions. Nor do you get any real hands on.
There is a huge difference between watching and doing. Watching an artist paint a
picture and painting it yourself are completely different.

We provide all class materials. You can bring a favorite knife. Safety Officers have the
right to insist you use our equipment, if they feel yours is not up to standards or unsafe.

Rarely does anyone get cut, but expect to get a minor cut. Chickens are wet and somewhat
slippery. Knives are very sharp. We do provide a simple medical kit consisting of gauze and
bandaides. You need to make the decision on whether or not to seek medical emergency
treatment. Classes are held outside, under a roof. This is a real working farm. Wear a hat.

We have leased a portion of the land from the land owner for these classes. Please respect
the land, the animals and follow all rules.

We want you to have fun and return for other classes.

Can you teach a survival class? Do you have a place to hold the class? Contact us and let us
know what you can teach.

Are courses only available in San Antonio, Texas? Currently, yes. We are in the process of setting
up sites in the Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston areas.